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60 minute to 100 minute treatment
¥ 4000

※ If you have the strength, at once I will cure all of your diseases or the symptoms .

※ Health insurance does not apply.

※ A sequelae of an accident is covered by insurance. Please request documents from the private company which you belong to.

【 Cures 】
Classic treatments are placed on a level with contemporary treatments.
Only one is not enough to cope.  I think the same about learning

【 Classic treatments 】 acupuncture, “okyu( お灸 )”, straightening the bones, “Teate”( 手当て; put my hand on important points for a few minutes )

【 Contemporary treatments 】 various electrotherapy using medical equipment.
( low-frequence, ultra-frequence, laser, etc) .

[1] I do not use any drugs.

[2] I have no medical instruments except a blood pressure machine.

[3]Examination by interview and touch is necessary.

[4] I have cured 100 diseases with confidence. → (`Guide of cure`)

[5]I use a thin and soft needle.  The length depends on the location.  Sometimes I use an   electrical pulse.

[6] Maybe “Okyuu( お灸 )” is not familiar to you. However, it is very effective.

[7] Hands on healing : “Teate” is particularly effective for babies or infants.

[8] Dietary therapy is effective for viscera diseases and allergic diseases.
It is important for us to keep the balance of five tastes(flavors) ; acid, bitter, sweet,    spicy, and salt .

[9] Cupping treatment is the treatment putting several vacuum cups on your body in order to exclude bad gas from your body and cleanse. Generally it has been said that this treatment is an Oriental cure. But this is also a West one I think. For Hippocrates (B.C400) who has been respected as “a Father of Modern Medicine”, often used this therapy. ( The Complete Works HIPPOCRATES ).

This treatment has the following features.

(a) The gas accumulated in the body appears on one`s skin as brown. It is a good thing.  The brown disappears in a week.

(b) Many points can be treated at one time.

(c) My treatmwnt is very safe because nothing would be taken into your body.

(d) I will treat you with a different method for those who are anxious about brown.

【 License 】

Acupuncture : Tokyo-to .  No 15743 .  1983

Kyu      : Tokyo-to .  No 15598 .  1983


白光治療院は完全予約制となっています。 当日でも空きがある場合があります。お問合せください。 休診日 火曜日(土日、祝日営業しています) 時間 9時~20時(最終受付 18時) 電話0241-27-8284
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