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Self-introduction                   A  Long  Whisper

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I am Itaru Watanabe           ( a Japanese )

I am a doctor of oriental medicine.

I was born in Fukushima Prefecture, Aizu, in 1948. I had a strong interest in medicine and philosophy.

   After finishing a local high school, I lived in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sendai, Tokyo again, and Sapporo to study. Even now I am studing at Air University. I have been studing at the 9th-University including the dropouts.( medicine, philosophy, religion, Christian theology, psychology, literature, history, education, anthropology, science and so on ). I believe that narrow medicine can not cure sick persons.

   I have three weapons of epistemology; Nagarjuna , I.Kant and E.Husser.  I have been developing ontology and epistemology “to break my own persistence”and “to open up a new horizen” by excluding my dogma.  30 years have passed since I studied on the philosophy of medicine.

~           ~           ~

   Medicine is directly concerned with pain or death.  Is that why ? Medical care has a tendency to be swayed by drawn to the surface phenomenon of pain or itchiness without deep thought on the cause of the disease.

Pain and itching is a big problem of course . Overcoming these are a major objective of medicine.
However, have not we ignored the reserch for the simplest and the most fundamental question ?・・・”Why do we become ill ?” or “Why does pain or itchiness occur ?”

   Discussion about diseases is overflowing in the world. It is meaningful in its own way. But I feel something lacking. Generally speaking, the talking does not free itself from the superficial and narrow body of thought on diseases.

It seems that surgical treatment has developed. However, we are troubled by many chronic diseases. In reality, there are lots of people who are suffering from diseases of which the most familiar pain with us : hypertension, headache, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, sciatica, arthritis, back pain, numbness or coldness in the limbs, and snoring.

~           ~           ~

   While researching medicine and philosophy, I had much trouble.
But my effort proved fruitful. I was firmly convinced that philosophic research of medicine is required.

    At any rate, I have not seen a doctor even one time, have not taken any medicines and have not had a medical checkup for 30 years. Though I passed my sixtieth birthday, I am blessed with good health. I am engaged in working, studying, farming and sometimes writing essays . Not once have I been in trouble with the police , nor have I caused a traffic accident for 40 years.  I do not know how to express my thanks.

   There were a lot of people who loved and supported me.
In particular, an old wise man of Aizu brought me up with the tenderest care. He tought me how to live richly, through poems, music, philosophy, politics and education without any rewards.

Especially, talking about ICH und DU (1923)  of Martin Buber was very blessed.
Last, he said to me ” I want you to become a great thinker to guide the people of the world !!”  That was 30 years ago.

~           ~           ~

  My office is in a remote area of Aizu. Foxes and bears appear .
A lot of people who have agony and karma come to the hill side of Mt.Bandai. Karma has much attraction and beauty, and so I cannot start on a wandering journey.

   I have tried to treat about 100 diseases. Most of the patients recoverd from their condition.

   Some people told me ” You are a mountain hermit, a god, a Komonsama ( a Japanese shogun ), or an alien.” Some peaple told me ” Your job is worthy of getting a Nobel prize.” But I lack dignity as the above man. I have much hesitation. No one has given me a Nobel prize. What could you say ?

   In particular, ” God” has a serious problem. No one is more popular than God, but on the other hand, He is left out by many people in japan.

“God is dead. You killed Him”──F.Nietzsche shouted about 120 years ago.
What he shouted depresses me. Do the people who have lost God know the place in which they should live ? Where they are ? Where they are going ?

   Recently serious affairs happen frequently.

   “How do we live without God ?” This was the most important theme of I.Kant or F.Dostoevskii (Russia1821~1881). I have also suffered a lot of pain about this question with the problem of Nihilism.

   We have lost the absolute.
And we live in the poorest times just as we live in the richest times.
We have to find the absolute in these difficult times.

~           ~           ~

   Someday I will treat the HIV patients and tuberculosis patients in Southeast Asia. ( I can not go there at once . After raising a good successor, I will go.  I have responsibility for keeping good health of my present patients ).

   I am sure that the HIV patients and the tuberculosis patients will completely get well in about three months without any medicines; quickly, safely and economically. I want to prove that “The Pathology of Original Relation and The Medical Care of Emptiness” which I propose is realistic and valuable. And I want to show “Amazing Grace”in these difficult times.

   Maybe you think I am trying to do the impossible. But, for me, to cure these patients is possible. For my treatment agrees with a happy dispensation of Nature . I am looking forward to seeing people who are really in sympathy with what I have mentioned .    → 【 Another Pahology 】

   I want to show “the simplest Amazing Grace” which we always tend to forget through my simple treatment. “The simplest Amazing Grace” is clearly to find out a happy dispensation of Nature. We should know the providence that we are “Ningen” ( a Japanese word,人間 ; a person who lives in an interval ) and we should try to become a realistic “Ningen”. The word of “Ningen” is the greatest word in the world.
Nagarjuna ( India.150~250? )

I . Kant ( Germany.1724~1804 )

E . Fusser ( Germany.1859~1938 )

F . Nietzsche ( Germany.1844~1900 )


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