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Ningen” An Amazing Word - for the New Culture

ー Welcome to Byakko Oriental Medical Officeー

To the west of Mt Bandai, our office is on a hill side of Mt Oguni.



The house next door is 300 meters away. Our office is surrounded by nature.
Sometimes foxes or bears appear.

Nightingales sing from April until August every year.

Mountains have a dignity and nobility.

Before evening, the white diagonal lines of the Sun rarely break through the clouds. Using an analogy to this, my office was named “Byakkou Oriental Medical Office”. “Byakkou” also is a symbol of “hope” and “salvation”.

You may not be able to believe the following statements.  They are far beyond the common sense that is believed in the past. However they are true . Except for some rare diseases and cancers, almost all the diseases are able to be cured.

I  can cure about 100 diseases by myself without any medicines. But if your health does not improve after several times treatment , please give up. The treatment of several times is very important. “Several times” means 2-9 times exactly.

“Cured” means:
(1) There are no symptoms of pain, or numbness or itch
(2) In hospital test, nothing is found to be wrong.
(3) However, just a few need to have a test in a hospital. For it is often difficult to find the cause of pain by M R I, X-ray, echo and blood test. If you need to take a test in a hospital, I recommend it.

This world is filled with ridiculous and foolish things , but it is also filled with amazing things . But, I am not interested in mystical treatments or “miracles” by one`s supernatural power. My methodology is very logical.

(1) Give thanks for your disease. A disease is a signal which shows your disoder. If you do not have the signal, you will be too late.

(2) Check up on your condition minutely and thoroughly at hospitals.

(3) The most important thing is to be aware and realize a happy dispensation of Nature.
Amazing things are in this. Providence shows us a lot of great things. We should learn the secret of providence. Heaven gives us all things without asking for any compensation. ( → Self-introduction).

(4)  Please try “a somersault of consciousness”; try the transformation of consciousness.

(5)  Needless to say, have a strong desire to recover.

I am happy if only one person who is suffering from disease finds “a Gleam of Hope” through this website.

A person who seriously strive to overcome his disease. Irresponsible people and “spies” are not accepted.

By appointment only.

Closed・・・・・・・・・・・・Only TUESDAY

Consultation hours ・・・9:00 to 18:00 ( the final appointment is 18:00 )

Address・〒969-3504 :  1810 Michihisa Nakayasawa Siokawamachi Kitakatasi Hukusimaken Japan

Tel / Fax・0241-27-8284




Highway access・・・ Ban-etsu-dou : 10 minutes from Kawahigasimachi-Inter

Railway・・・・Ban-etsu-saisen: Higasinagahara Station, Shiokawa Station, Aizu-Wakamatsu Station


白光治療院は完全予約制となっています。 当日でも空きがある場合があります。お問合せください。 休診日 火曜日(土日、祝日営業しています) 時間 9時~20時(最終受付 18時) 電話0241-27-8284
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